There are two ways to join the Milo Checkmate Chess Clinics:


  1. For school venue, pay the tuition fee P2150 at its accounting office.
  2. Secure and fill-up the Milo registration form from the coach at the first hour on the first day of the clinic itself.
  3. Submit the form together with the receipt of the tuition fee and an empty label of 1kg. Milo.
  4. Pay to the coach the additional fee P510 for following requirements and ask for the receipt: uniform (P250); MCC magnetic set (P250) plus (P10) insurance.
  5. Bring your notebook and pen during the session.


  1. Download the pre enrollment form from our website:
  2. Fill it up completely.
  3. Deposit the fee at: BDO 1480 1353 70. Account name: Milagros Emperado.
  4. Email the filled up form together with the deposit slip at
  5. A notification will be forwarded upon receipt of your email.
  6. Bring your notebook and pen during the session.

Online Tuition Fees for NEW ENROLLEES in Metro Manila effective 2018:

school venue
– P2150 tuition fee to be paid at the school’s accounting office. P510 additional fee for the uniform, MCC magnetic set & insurance to be paid to the designated coach.
mall venue
– P3250 including snack, uniform, MCC magnetic set & insurance.

Online Fees for NEW ENROLLEES in the provinces:

school venue
- P2150 with uniform, MCC magnetic set and insurance.
mall venue
– P2350 with snacks, uniform, MCC magnetic set and insurance.

FOR MCC tournaments:

  2. Must be in Milo uniform.
  3. Bring own set.
  4. Bring own clock if possible.

For other concerns, please contact the organizer, Metropolitan Chess Center (Club) at its mobile numbers: 0922-822-6319 and 0922-310-2276.